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Rebeather Try-Dive


Your introduction into the Rebreather World with an underwater experience!
The Try Rebreather Dive experience will open the door to a bubble free and sound exhilaration, where you will meet other people who share your interest for unending, exciting adventures and new technologies.

PURPOSE of the Introduction

This introduction is designed to exhibit the technology and ease of Rebreather diving, in a pool or in confined water environment with pool like conditions, with a maximum depth of 5 m/16.5 ft.


Be a minimum of 15 years old (adult consent needed if under the age of 18 years, or other age depending on the laws of the country you train in).
Be able to swim comfortably.


Academic presentation and quick quiz.
Confined water (pool) - totaling a maximum of 1 hour underwater on a RAID registered rebreather.
On-line recognition.


Your introduction will be in a low-stress environment (pool). After determining you have basic swimming skills, your instructor or Level 4 Dive Master will demonstrate the required skills for you to swim underwater, whilst breathing on a RAID registered rebreather.


This is NOT a certification programme. However, you can register to start your Level 1 certification programme which has to be completed within 6 months.


To be conducted by a RAID rebreather renewed Instructor and/or Rebreather Level 4 Dive Master.


NOW YOU MAY BE READY FOR THE OPEN WATER (SEA), should you wish to continue the programme.

Your initial introduction was in a low-stress environment for the basic skills and swimming ability assessment. Your instructor will assess the safety of progressing with you to diving in open water. Here you will explore the underwater world, with your instructor guiding you.


Just remember, you are under your instructor's guidance and supervision.


This is NOT a certification programme. However, you can register to start your Level 1 certification programme as soon as you get out the water!

You may register for FREE on-line and purchase one or more courses, (Level 1 and Level 2) so that after your practical training for Level 1 and certification you may start directly the practical training for Level 2.

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